Cable and Wire Processing Equipment
Automatic and manual for cutting and stripping Outer Jacket and Inner Cores
Sutter - Ideal - Eubanks - Filomat - Arno Fuchs etc.

Cable and Wire Termination
Electric and Air Presses. Automatic and manual for the application of crimps.
Uninsulated and fully insulated, bootlace ferrules and various other wire end terminals.
Strip, Tin and Twist Tinning - Solder baths and pots
Strip and Twisting - Single and multicore wire and cables

Coaxial Processing Equipment
Stripping and Crimping

Encapsulation equipment
Meter Mix Par 3B (2) for encapsulating electronic assemblies
Hot melt injection (Polyester) for sensor encapsulation
Hot melt dip coating and plastic dip coating for sensor and electronic assemblies.

Standard range of adhesives and tapes, resistance welding and soldering,
UV bonding and potting.

CNC coil winding equipment with hot air bonding facility.

Wire and Cable Winding
Application of a plastic wire tie to bundled cable or wire.

Testing and Quality Equipment
Computer driven cable and sensor testing system.
Digital multimeters, pull test rig and custom built features.

Manual and CNC Lathes

Manual and CNC including EMCO F1 Gravograph VX2

Vacuum Forming
Parnavac - Platten 17" x 11" with 4" draw

Plastic Forming and Bending
Full range of standard workshop equipment for cutting, drilling, punching,
folding and finishing.

Full range of equipment including micrometers and verniers, some with
statistical process control (SPC) data outputs.

Special Purpose
When required Hurfar Engineering Limited have designed and built the production equipment to meet the customer's specifications.