Sealed Thermistor
Sensing Element
Using the wrap to secure and fit to condensing unit pipes.
Fully Encapsulated Thermistor Sensing Elements
Using low cost tooling & low pressure hot melt polyester injection principles.
Stainless Steel Machined Housing
With brazed 2 wire thermocouple for use in packaging equipment.
(J type thermocouples)
Thermistor Bead
Attached to strain relief clamp prior to overmoulding.
Completed Sensor after over moulding, held to pipe using standard tie wrap.
Temperature Sensor
Fitted with spun brass bullet shaped housing used in fridge type applications.
Water Sensing Product
Used in marine applications "Bilge Bug". A fully potted sensor circuit to detect the presence of water in bilges. The unit is designed to run from 9 - 36v DC. Fully CE marked.
Temperature Differential Control
A circuit designed to control pumps of similar load, but working on a temperature differential principle. Complete with timing control and relay O/Ps - mains operated - fully CE marked.
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